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The following technical requirements apply to the e-mail delivery, using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), through Terra Networks Brasil S/A servers, from any equipment, henceforth called Originating Server.

TERRA reserves the right to deny or delay the access to TERRA e-mail systems, at any time and without advance notice, in its sole discretion or by third party request, from those Originating Servers that do not accomplish with any of these terms.

            I. The Originating Server must have a DNS configuration. This means a reverse DNS (a PTR record) to the Originating Server IP address, as well as a corresponding direct DNS, in conformity with RFC 1912, section 2.1. For more information on reverse DNS, click here.

Originating Server IP:

NOTICE: the test results may vary from "OK" to "FAILURE" according to your DNS zone configuration and/or defined TTL.

            II. The Originating Server must not have a dynamically assigned IP address.

            III. The Originating Server must guarantee that its services will not be used by unauthorized people.

            IV. The Originating Server must send e-mail messages free of any malicious content, such as viruses or "spyware".

            V. The e-mail system, of which the Originating Server is component, must guarantee that returned messages (bounce messages from mailer-daemon) will be received.

            VI. The Originating Server must not send more than 10% of its messages to invalid TERRA recipients.

            VII. The Originating Server must not generate an excessive number of connections.

            VIII. The Originating Server must identify itself properly when it starts a connection with TERRA servers. And, during all the time of connection, it must comply with the current electronic mail standards, such as RFC 2821 and RFC 2142.

  IX. The Originating Server must be authorized in the SPF record, if it exists, of the domains used by its senders. Messages failing in the SPF test will be rejected. In the case of messages automatically forwarded, the Originating Server must "take responsability" for the messages by it redirected. This must be done through some kind of Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS).

Complaints submitted by TERRA customers will be used as a basis for denying or delaying connections to TERRA e-mail system.

Please, send your doubts or complaints to TERRA through this form. Your contribution is important for us to improve our services.

TERRA reserves the right to make changes in these terms at any time and without advance notice.